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Furthering the Professional Development of Legal Nurse Consultants

The primary role of a legal nurse consultant is evaluating, analyzing, and rendering informed opinions on the delivery of health care and the resulting outcomes.  Distinct from a paralegal or legal assistant, the legal nurse consultant is a unique and valuable member of the litigation team. Legal nurse consultants bring specialized education and clinical expertise to the medical-related issues of the litigation process.

The practice of legal nurse consulting is performed in collaboration with attorneys and others involved in the legal process.  Although, the independent practice of law does not fall within the legal nurse consultant’s scope of practice.


Mission Statement of the New Jersey AALNC

Our mission is to promote the professional advancement of registered nurses consulting within the legal arena by providing a forum for education, research, and exchange of information.



We Welcome you to Join Us

The N​ew Jersey chapter was established in 1997. We provide members with continuing education and networking opportunities at the local level in support of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants’ mission and goals. Meetings are held approximately every other month virtually and in person to ensure that all of our members are updated regarding the latest developments in the legal nurse consulting field.  

Our goal is to increase awareness within the legal and medical communities of the profession of legal nurse consulting.

Board of Directors - 2023

President: Mr. Daniel Elmowitz

President Elect: Ms. Susan Cacciola

Treasurer: Ms. Liza Levantino

Secretary: Dr. Janice Fleming

Director at large: Ms. Kathleen Gilmartin

We provide support and networking in the

New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area


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